Monday, April 2

Balsa, Balsa on the Wall.

I'm pretty sure I'm not quite ready to hang a Zulu warrior or a big game cat on my wall, but these wall hangings from Salvor are pretty cool. Ross Menuez designed these interesting, new hangings made from balsa wood. Each hanging is a silk screened on small pieces of balsa and affixed to a flexible backing that can be rolled up for easy transportation. The balsa is very lightweight allowing for easy attachment to a wall. For some reason I really like that you can see the subtle, architectural grid pattern that's made up from each piece. Each image 24" x 48" and is limited to 300 copies, signed and numbered. There are five images available. I'm partial to the Camel, myself. Maybe a Zulu would be cool in a powder room?

The Salvor line can be found at Friend online, or here in San Francisco at Gough & Hayes Streets in Hayes Valley.

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