Sunday, April 15


Another Catherine McCulloch fab Guest Blog. Thanks Cat!

When I first saw FLOR carpet tiles I wondered why someone hadn't thought of it sooner. What a brilliant idea. You don’t want ‘wall to wall’ carpet. Nor do you want an area rug that looks like something you bought in college. What is the cool, affordable alternative? FLOR.

Not to mention it is also the perfect solution for the Gemini in me. You can change it out when you are in the mood, swap colors, textures, patterns. You can exercise your wacky color ya-yas, or get inspired by their suggestions for color groupings. It is a mix and match nirvana.

It is especially fabulous for apartment living - you simply pick it up and take it with you when you move. Think of it as paint for your floors in an apartment where the landlord won’t let you paint the walls. It is an ideal design tool to add color and texture to the confines of a rental.

The web site is easy to navigate, very clear and a quick read (another good thing for the Gemini in me). You can order cute little samples, play around with them, order more cute little samples. In fact, while writing this I have been inspired to order some more. Change is in the air!

All in all, I would like to shake the hands of the people who figured this out. I think it is absolutely brilliant.

*And thanks again to Catherine McCulloch for this brilliant guest blog. She's convinced me it's time to FLOR my kitchen!


Anonymous said...

I /love/ Flor tiles. They were the only solution short of a custom runner for my long San Francisco hallway (

I also used them to turn a bookshelf into a shoe rack (

Lori said...

I also have a long hallway, but its got this awful carpet that I want to cover. Does anyone know if Flor tiles work on carpet?

I like the idea of using the tiles on shelves...opens my mind to other possibilites...

momma j lee ♥ said...

I love using carpet tiles.

Anonymous said...

I've been thiking about FLOR for a while now and this post was the little nudge I needed. I really love the first photo and might do that but with yellows. Yum. Great post!

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
Glad you like the post and FLOR! We love it and have used it in our house - can't say enough good things.

Lori - can't use over carpet - you'd have to rip it up. Check out the FLOR website for more info.


what a wonderful design idea.


Anonymous said...

I love the look and flexibility of flor but I've seen it curl up at the edges and start to look grungy... this was in an office and a shop so maybe more traffic. Have any of you had problems with this?

Anonymous said...

This looks fun and so flexible too, great idea!