Thursday, April 5

Lisa Loves Nature.

Mixed media artist Lisa DeJohn was inspired artistically from her mother, also an artist, and her father, an outdoorsman who encouraged Lisa as a child to pay attention to the small details and the soothing sounds of nature. Her career as a painter, designer and mixed media artist has long since flourished and she is now represented by Lilla Rogers Studio. You can see much more of Lisa's mixed media work at Lilla's site, or on her own really cool website. She'll also be exhibiting her work at the Surtex Show this May at the Javits Center in New York City, beginning May 20th through the 22nd.

Now living in a rural area in the North Shore of Massachusetts where she is continually inspired by the natural beauty around her home. Oh, and you can even find her Blue Flower painting at IKEA worldwide.

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Anonymous said...

Lisa loves vintage wallpaper, too!
her art is simply wonderful, thanks for letting us know about her sfgirlbybay!