Wednesday, April 4

San Francisco Talent.

San Francisco-based photographer Angie Cao sent me this new promotional piece she recently sent out sharing some of her beautiful work. The nice surprise was that the piece featured photographs she took of my apartment, and it was designed by the talented Eszter Rabin of Emma Rose Papery. Thank you Angie, I am quite flattered. For more of these talented women's work check out their links.


reena. said...

lovely photography! thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

wow wow wow

this is beautiful victoria

thank you so much for sharing!


Joanna Goddard said...

beautiful! thanks for the great post. i love all that chalkboard, it's so beautiful! and that frame wall. i think i will print it out and put it in my new inspiration journal:)

Carlene said...

It's gorgeous! Room and photos both.