Thursday, April 26

The Look, The Feel of Melamine.

Nobody ever says that. It's always the cotton. Please don't overlook Melamine. It's lovely. I just love these girly-girl silhouettes overprinted on a pastel baroque pattern available at Velocity Art & Design.

And how cute are these pop art ones? They remind of some kind of casserole dish from my suburban childhood. I'm seeing Hamburger Helper.

These fun ones are called Food for Thought. The perfect plate to encourage your switch to the vegetarian team.

So just remember the look, the feel of Melamine.


Anonymous said...

Melamine trays= super cute. Melamine kitchen cupboards? Nuh-uh. I have brown melamine cupboards (it was like that when I got here!) and any day now I'm going to undertake my "ESP + pretty blue paint" kitchen project...

kim. said...

Cute is right! Love all of those, even the disected animals!