Tuesday, April 17

Week Two At D*S Guest Blog

Week two at D*S Guest Blog is all about San Francisco Stories. Like this one about how I came to live here in the bay area...

I have lived in San Francisco for 13 years now. Lucky 13. I grew up in the burbs of Los Angeles and almost every summer my family would load into the little red bug for a road trip up north. That's when I first fell in love with this city.

Later, and long grown up, when I decided I wanted a big life change, San Francisco is where I headed. I didn't know anyone here, save for one person who moved to Chicago the week I arrived. She left me with a clock radio and the keys to her now barren apartment, to use until her lease ran out. I improvised by going out and buying two rubber rafts (the cheap, neon colored, blow up kind), duct taped them together, sprang for some cowboy-themed flannel sheets and for the next couple of weeks that was my bed. I couldn't have been happier or felt more at home. San Francisco just is the place I'm supposed to be.

13 years later I have met some of the most caring, creative and talented people you'd ever hope to know. They inspire me every day. Some of them are artists, photographers, craftsmen and designers, and many of them are good friends. And I'm going to shamelessly promote them in my posts this week. I promise you it won't be nepotistic, because as you'll see these lovely people are not only friends and acquaintances, but as I said, really talented. And you don't have to be in San Francisco to enjoy their work, as most of it is available or can be appreciated online. I'll also share with you this week some of my favorite shops, bargain-basement haunts and hangouts. I hope it'll make you want to visit.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I'm a fellow Angelino who fell deeply + madly in love with SF + count it as my favorite US city. Life events did not lead to my living there, although they just about did, but I can certainly understand how you feelings.

Eric R. Rickert said...

this was a really nice post. i'm getting ready to move to NYC, so reading this was inspiring.