Wednesday, May 23

Committed to Memory.

There's this pretty clever site I discovered, Simple Memory Art, which carries all kinds of household items, with handy tips to help you remember things like, 'oh, it's dill that enhances the flavor of salmon (as opposed to say, oregano)'. There's dish towels with helpful Cooking Tips, such as 'how many tablespoons are in one cup?, 'or what temperature should chicken be cooked at?' The things I'm always forgetting, even though I love to cook (guess that's why I never measure).

The folks behind Simple Memory Art seem to strive to create products that inspire both kids, and adults, to find uncommon (or perhaps just forgotten) knowledge in unexpected places. There's something kind kitschy and 70's-inspired about these designs that just makes me smile.

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studio wellspring said...

oh ~ this is awesome. just what i need for my pea-sized short term memory. thanks!