Monday, May 21

I'm off to Dallas again...

Will be back Tuesday night, but will try and post from the Big D.


Unknown said...

Have fun, cowgirl! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love, LOVE your cowgirl picture.
Ah- to be in Texas again.
Eat some Tex-Mex for me too!

mati rose said...

hope you're having fun and wearing your cowgirl boots:)
my word verification is "hip do" fitting for your blog!

Anonymous said...

victoria, how do you always manage to find the best, most appropriate photographs? This one, like so many others in your blog, put a HUGE smile on my face this morning!


PS dwell has the cutest cowgirl sheets right now - boots, cowgirl silhouette, cactus - I just love cowgirl stuff - this photo would be so great to have in my home.