Friday, May 11


One of sfgirlbybay's readers, Maria, wrote me wondering where she might locate this great looking lounge chair she saw on Andyland (a wonderful resource for art, as seen below).

I was happy to let her know, that I'm pretty sure it's the IKEA Karlskrona chair ($169.00), and I think they've added a Polarvide throw ($3.99). And if not, they are both pretty good knock-offs and will look just as great!
And from another reader, Miriam, an update. She found the great Scandinavian table:


Anonymous said...

Such a good eye! Now, how about the table? It's the perfect height, shape, color for a spot in my apt.
Any idea where I could get it. Thanks!! Lori

Anonymous said...

lori, i've had my eye on the same tray table for a while now. it's the tablo table designed by magnus lofgren; try this link:


sfgirlbybay said...

i also like this wegner stool, which has a similar look, but not that cool 'bowl' top:

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Good looking & very reasonably priced. Thanks!

sfgirlbybay said...

and thanks for the great link miriam! :)

Unknown said...

love this chair! Very nappable!

Anonymous said...

Tablo can be bougt at Selfridges
shop in London!