Friday, August 31

Bent Into Shape.

Bentwood Thonet-inspired cafe chairs seem to be everywhere I look. From Domino to Living Etc magazines, to Holly's good suggestion of a yellow one on decor8, to a flickr bentwood rocker from nomm de photo and finally to Ikea's Ölga for just $30. At that price, you can buy a bunch and paint them any color you like.

I had picked up all four of mine on craigslist for $25, but only as what I thought to be 'interim' chairs until I found my tulips! But now, I'm seeing their potential everywhere and will keep them as extra seating. I like the kind of French Bohemian, seventies vibe they have going on, now that I have been shown the light.


Bentwood door handle photo from Monceau.


Anna at D16 said...

Unfortunately, the IKEA version is made out of a wood-plastic composite material (I think it's 100% recycled, I seem to remember reading that somewhere), and it looks very different in person than in photos. It's not a smooth painted surface, it's like a rough, textured, pigmented solid. I'm not sure it could be successfully painted unless you used that special Krylon spray paint for plastics, and even then I have my doubts about how good it would look.

Gosh, I'm sorry to carry on about this!! It's only because I thought about buying a bunch and painting them just as you suggested, and I was disappointed when I finally saw the actual chairs. :)

Catherine said...

I love bentwood chairs, they are so classic and timeless. I love them in yellow especially, they are so striking.

robyn said...

Nice post Victoria :)

kbd said...

what color are you considering? have you thought of a cushion, like some of the chairs in your post?

Monica Yvette said...

I always did like the look of this chair. Great idea to paint them. I'm seeing an array of colors in my mind.

Jessica said...

I have a feeling that you showed domino the light milady.

Coupling those chairs with a saarinen table is one of those beautiful happy accidents that can only spawn from necessity / temporary fix.

In my opinion, those editors have their eye on you - and for good reason. Please keep up all the amazing inspiring work!

sfgirlbybay said...

anna - thanks for the head's up - looks like Ikea's version needs an up-close inspection. sometimes i can live with their flaws, for the price.

thanks robyn!

kbd - i think my chairs will stay white for now. i may make a very tailored 'slip cushion' for them.

Jessica - i love your theory, but you are way too kind! thanks though!!

Brilliant Asylum said...

The yellow bentwood chair is so cute.