Wednesday, August 15

Regarding Henry Road.

I recently blogged upon Henry Road, a really great online shop with pretty textiles and paper goods. Henry Road's hand drawn, prints are a collection of colorful retro style of the sixties and seventies from designer, Paula Smail. I love the colors and the bright, happy simplicity.
Henry Road's line reflects Paula's South African roots, along with Asian influences, her travels, and now the inspiration she finds in sunny Los Angeles, where she now calls home. For more information on shops that carry the Henry Road line, take a look here.


paula said...

Thanks for the mention -- glad you like our stuff:)

Leigh said...

I love the pillow shown here . . . an idea for a future sewing project?

kbd said...

I'm always interested in how the South African aesthetic translates to the US. Paula's stuff is gorgeous, and translates fluenty :) Thanks for bringing this to my attention!