Thursday, August 16

Suzanne on Art.

There's a great one-on-one interview from Ahn-Minh on ATSF today about Suzanne Shade of The Beholder. It shows some of the really lovely corners of Suzanne and her husband Rob's home in the San Francisco Castro district, and she also offers up some very practical and non-intimidating advice about art collecting. She's so friendly and easy-going, it takes all the misconceptions about art collecting out of the process and helps you to really figure out what appeals to you. Visit The Beholder for a browse through some great artwork, or here to read more.

Ahn-Minh's new post, House Call, will become a regular feature on Apartment Therapy SF. I love seeing inside talented and creative people's homes, so it should be a fun and inspiring collection of posts.


Victoria E said...

Swank! A great idea for a series - I hope they do keep it as a regular feature.

robyn said...