Friday, September 14

Ummm, Safeway?

I had no idea Safeway had an outdoor home decor line. I guess these are part of their 'ingredients for life', as their slogan goes. Anyhow, they're having a big end of Summer Sale with 75% off and free shipping over $50 (enter DEL42 at checkout to receive free shipping). Some of these products are pretty cute, and super cheap - the tiki lights are 9 bucks, and these Melanie side dishes are $1.25 for all four! So I thought I'd pass the word along. What the heck, Safeway?

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Leah said...

We actually got our entire patio set at Safeway a few years ago -- a nyatoh (sp.? it's a southeast Asian wood similar to teak) table, bench, and four armchairs. It's very handsome, looks similar to what you might find at Smith & Hawken (albeit without the quality construction), and the whole thing cost under $300.

Safeway -- who knew?