Wednesday, October 10

Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker.

My shopping inducing friends at eBay just emailed me with some updates from my favorite sellers, amoung them these pretty Eames-era Candlesticks. Of course they linked a whole bunch of other mid century teak candlesticks should I not have enough of these or these already. Please, help me, and help yourselves! Bid quickly.


christina@pmv said...

Heh. eBay is so addictive sometimes ... thanks for the links! :-)

Anonymous said...

OH, my biggest pet peeve ever - using "EAMES ERA" in the title. It's against eBay policy and is called keyword spamming. You can say it in the description, but not in the title. It makes it such a pain to find any actual Eames.

The Dansk wooden candlesticks are my personal fave!

-Becky, a total eBay geek and member of eBay Voices :)