Thursday, October 11

En Vogue.

San Francisco's Vogue Theater is one of the lucky old movie houses. Opened in 1910 (and known then as the Rex) it's one of the few in San Francisco that are still in business. And its got a whole new life, brought on by new ownership heavily funded by private contributions. I love that something good for the city like this has come about. Usually they're tearing them down or turning them into gyms (don't even get me started on what Gorilla Sports did to the old Alhambra Theater).

So, yeah for the SF Neighborhood Theater Foundation (the great folks who bring us Film Night in the Park) for rallying together with the help of new owner Michael Wilkinson! Sounds like they have great things planned, including hand delivering popcorn to movie goers if there's a waiting line and showtime is tight, traditional old movie candy like Redvines and Junior Mints and many more documentaries, indie and art films. I love films and the inspiration I get from them. As I've mentioned before, I sometimes get lost in the set design and forget about the plot! I'm so happy to be able to support the Vogue. Death to the cineplex - The Vogue lives!


Anonymous said...

I love the Vogue! Of course, it's right around the corner from my apartment, but it truly is a treasure!
I wrote about San Francisco movie houses last year:
I would really love to own my own someday because I hate they way they're getting reappropriated into gyms and offices. Every time I pass the terazzo sidewalk on Polk St. where the Royale used to be my heart sinks. These palaces were built to last! I'm so glad someone is seeing the light...

paris parfait said...

OMG - the Alhambra is a gym??!! What sacrilege! Such a magnificent architectural marvel - how could they do that??!! I've been gone eight years and look what happens in my absence. Sigh. Thank goodness for the SF Neighborhood Theater Foundation. Those theatres are the best - and yes I hate the cineplex ones.