Tuesday, October 2

Kitschy Etsy.

I have a real thing for vintage pottery and I collect all kinds. They don't have to be McCoy or Bauer, I just have to love the way they look. A lot of vintage pottery I find is, well, just very silly and makes me smile. I like accessories and artwork with a subtle sense of humor. I went on an etsy hunt and here's some of the fun and colorful vintage pieces I found. I like to group them by color, or by theme (I'm on a freaky deer craze at the moment) and find that grouping them together in a collection looks much less cluttered. I also like just one random piece thrown in with a more conservative accessories for a fun contrast and a bit of irony.

For your dog shrine (you have one right? everybody has one!) • Cliff the Poodle,
Boston Terrier, Scottie Dog, Yellow Pup looking a bit fourlorn ("pick me!").


Nathalie said...

Really enjoyed the collection you have pulled together : )

Anonymous said...

Awww i love those little Amish salt and pepper shakers.