Wednesday, October 3

Greentea, Anyone?

Greentea Design, one of my lovely sponsors, is offering a 10% discount on all their online collection to sfgirlbybay readers. There's an additional 5% off all of their stock Kitchen cabinets, including kitchen counters, kitchen islands and kitchen pantry cabinets.

If you're planning on a 'green' kitchen remodel, you might consider Greentea. They hand-pick antiques from Japan, Korea and China, which can then be retrofitted by their in-house carpenter. Their construction process is designed for sustaining forests and precious trees. Greentea uses large beams, reclaimed from older structures like country homes, barns and warehouses in Korea. The offer is valid through November 3rd. Thanks Greentea!


Anonymous said...

I love this look and green tea. Thanks for the info.

bibbitybob said...

That kitchen is lovely!

Just to let you know I've tagged you on my blog.

carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

I love that office, specially that beautiful burl step chest! Thank you for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick comment on the sustainability issue - it's great that Greentea is reusing discarded wood from Korea, China, and Japan - but sustainability is also about using local products. Using local products is important because we need to decrease the amount of energy used in transport of items. Think about how much energy was used to bring those items from Asia to the States!