Thursday, November 1

It's A Pear Shaped World.

I've had this wild things for pears ever since I picked up my sweet, coveted pear from Three Potato Four. It's like some wacky pear phenomenon and I am seeing them everywhere. Three Potato Four has still got this cute vintage pear dish (which, to be honest, I must tell you, I am considering snapping up).

Here's a bright, hand screened print fabric from Marimekko from Finland, originally designed in 1969. It would make a great, modern wall panel.

I just love Studiolyon's archival reproduction print of her original mod ink drawing. It's so very Peter Max meets Yellow Submarine.

You can find loads of vintage pear-inspired items from eBay like cookie jars, canisters, teapots and this cute jam jar.


Anonymous said...

I too am loving pear at the moment. Just got a super, sophisticated, Victoria Hagan glass pear from Target as a gift. If you haven't already, check out the Marimekko pear wall art at CB2.

Julia Walsh said...

Trend Alert: Pears!!

They're everywhere. Love their beautiful shape and quaint color.

Ms. Spinach said...

i love the studiolyon piece!

i've always had a fondness for enzo mari's oversized pear print (and his apple print too). viva la fruit!

Studio Lyon said...

Thank you for posting about my work! :)


Anonymous said...

We had (actually, it's still on the counter) that pear cookie jar growing up! It never occurred to me that it would be a vintage collectible!

marbargarbo said...

I've loved pears for years too, my maiden name is 'Pear'son and I used it in my logo, back when I was in high school. [ Wow, I'm old ... :D ]
I used the shape in my wedding designs, playing off the "perfect pair", and I, too, noticed the proliferation of pears in stores, shops. I think in Des Moines, Iowa, there is even a store with just all kinds of pear knickknacks. :D