Friday, November 9


Oh mio mio, these new designs from Lolo Muebles are muy calienté! Lorena Zertuche’s wildly imaginative, upholstered furniture from Guadalajara is simply fantastico! Check out her amazing color combinations in oil cloths, bright cottons and crazy mixed up patterns. Her website alone is quite the treat, so just stop by for a festive browse if you're in need of a splash of whimsical bright color.
Lolo Muebles has got the freshest new furniture designs I've seen in a while. I am wishing right now I had a sun porch to fill with this happy, fun furniture. Lolo Muebles is located in San Francisco's Mission District, 2325 Third Street, at 20th Street, Suite 218 and is currently by appointment only - 415-531-1141 or at

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Stephanie said...

This is some seriously fun could you help not being in a cheery mood with that lamp next to you!