Saturday, December 29

Almost The New Year.

I'm looking forward to lots of new posts in the New Year.
It's almost here. Be healthy & merry. But not too merry.


Uncle Beefy said...

What a cute pic! Just noticed that you made the deer on your banner into Rudolph...too cute. Not too merry? I thought it was tradition to wake up on your bathroom floor on New Year's Day?

"HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008", Victoria!

katiedid said...

Have the Happiest of New Years! I, for one, will be back to visit often this 2008.
Is it OK to be very merry as long as I walk home? I think so.

Kylie said...

Have really enjoyed reading your blog this year after discovering it a few months ago. Look forward to reading and being inspired again next year.
- Kylie

Anonymous said...

Happy new year! I am pretty new to blogland, but have loved it so much. Sorry to hear about your furry baby going to doggie heaven. I lost my Russian Wolfhound, Nika, this Summer. THey are such a huge part of our lives...if they could only stay a little longer....I now have two more goes on.

Happy New Year
Karen Eileen

Toni said...

your blog is always visually inspiring! And I enjoy reading it! Happy New Year and may you always be blessed living by the sea! I hope to see a comment back over in my little blog of the world! keep on inspiring us all!

Nathalie said...

Happy 2008 Victoria, i am looking forward to all of your inspiring posts :)