Monday, December 3

Butt Crack Love.

I've long been an admirer of the butt cracks of Smosch. I kid-you-not. How funny and adorably droll are these? Say hello to Mr. and Mrs. Asscrack. What a charming, softie crocheted couple!

But Miss Smosch (aka Sandra Juto of Gothenburg, Sweden, illustrator extraordinaire, as clearly indicated below) keeps branching out on me! This is getting out of hand. Everywhere I look, here a Smosch, there a Smosch, everywhere a Smosch, Smosch! There's the blog, the illustrations, the softie crocheted ass cracks, the girl's talent shines everywhere! All of these fab photos are Smosch's too!

I adore the irreverent Smosch and think the world would be a better place if everyone had a Smosch in their lives. But take heed, Sandra of Smosch does not do special order butt cracks. Oh no, you'll have to seek out your loved one's ass among her many, many lovely Smosch softies. Never fear, though, I trust their fine ass crack is crocheted out there somewhere.

*Editor's note: If ass cracks are offensive to you in any way, shape or form, please report this post to your local plumber immediately.


Anonymous said...

Very cute and funny indeed , no need to report anything , let's just smosch !

Uncle Beefy said...

OMG...hilarious! My faves are the top three in the last photos. The little berets and bowler, the moustache...the crack! These are "crackin'" me up...see what I did there? (Sorry.)

Anonymous said...

"special order butt cracks" makes me giggle.

dee said...


hampton said...

this post cracked me up! my coworkers are all wondering what i'm giggling and snickering about over here,and i'd love to share the joy of crocheted asscracks with them, but i just don't know that they'd share my refined sense of humor, ya know?