Monday, December 3

Weekend Finds: Meow!!

I received an email from designer Cat Seto about her new line of stationery (oddly enough, called Cat Seto!) and her two boutiques on San Francisco's Russian Hill where she and her little team work and say hello to the Folks of Polk.

Cat has just opened up Paper Studio, three shops down from the Cat Seto boutique because they needed more production space and also a place to meet with their brides and clients. Cat has recently launched a wedding and invitations custom book which contain Cat's illustrations and watercolors. That's actually how her stationery line got started...Cat didn't have a background in graphic design, so she hand illustrated everything, even the patterns which took forever, but Cat thinks it was actually a blessing in disguise and I'd have to agree.

Cat loves being on Polk Street and appreciates her customers and the local residents who have been truly supportive. Which doesn't surprise me a bit - I lived on Polk for many years and loved the neighborhood. Her customers were actually the ones who introduced her to sfgirlbybay - apparently they are fans of the site, and her lovely shop! Thanks so much for the introduction. For a complete list of Cat Seto retailers in your neighborhood check this link.

Cat Seto
2406 Polk Street
San Francisco, Ca 94109
ph 415.749.1988
fax 415.651.9236


Anonymous said...

I used to live on polk and it was so positively refreshing to see cat's presence (and also next to one of my favorite restaurants, antica)!
ps. sorry if this is a double having computer trouble :)

Anonymous said...

This is way cool...have I been living under a rock?


Anonymous said...

thanks for the events (wow lots happening on friday)...will have to check some of them out. this shop is adorable - looks new england'like!

Anonymous said...

very darling