Friday, December 21

Yeah, Yellow, Baby!

I've added a bright and sunny yellow to the inventory of Keep Calm & Carry On posters I have available. It looks really fresh and happy and would look great in a kitchen, or anywhere else you may need a bit of cheering up!

For more ordering information follow this link to my new etsy shop to make ordering
much easier {than it has been in the past}. New colors, and new & improved shop!

Colors available are sunny yellow, chartreuse green, pink, vintage red, and seafoam/aqua.


Anonymous said...

Yippee, so excited to hear you have a store!

amber {daisy chain} said...

ooh, that yellow is fabulous and my favorite color...nice addition!

Anonymous said...

I finally ordered my very own!! In yellow and I looooove it! Thank yOu so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi love your blog. Love the Keep Calm message and the fabulous colors of the posters. What's keeping me from ordering one of these though is the tight color crop at the top and bottom. Why so tight? The graphic and font are just crying out for the same breathing space at top and bottom as you have on the sides.

sfgirlbybay said...

Anon - thanks so much. The posters aren't actually cropped like that - it's just the matte in this frame. I really need to represent the poster better - it has loads of space around the type - at least an inch or two.

Sorry - I'll work on better images!

Anonymous said...

Hi lovely
am so pleased you've set up an Etsy store - especially good for us Aussie girls who struggled with the pay pal set up that never seemed to work!
I want one in every colour but will have to make a choice I feel..*sigh*


Anonymous said...

oh great! glad to know there's more space around the top and bottom. perhaps you could show them both ways (matted and not). again, terrific site.