Thursday, January 17

Friends and Neighbors: Skinny Laminx.

Elle Decor SA has a wonderful post up today courtesy of blog contributor Skinny Laminx (aka Heather Moore from Cape Town, South Africa). Heather writes about design and lifestyle for Elle, whilst still keeping up a pretty great blog going on over at Skinny Laminx (not to mention her beautiful etsy shop). Her post at Elle today was on the Kokeshi Doll trend, complete with some fab photos. Click here to see and read more.


Anonymous said...

hee, I thought that one doll said 'pray for stuff'.

amber {daisy chain} said...

That "pray for surf" card is SO perfect for my husband - when the waves are bad at Ocean Beach (SF), he's not a happy man.

Anonymous said...

Oh, is this becoming a trend? Sometimes I wish things I like don't beocme trends, you know? I have a few of these dolls, 3 are my favorites and they are on display all year. Love them!