Thursday, January 17

Woodsie And The Loglets.

Growing up in the burbs of Los Angeles, I got little chance to play in the woods. The closest I ever got was seeing Bambi on the big screen in Westwood. But when I'd visit cousins in Quebec, or upstate New York, I was all over their woods - bring those woods on! I suddenly became wood nymph girl and the spirit of nature enveloped me. Thus, I've always had this thing for wooded areas - they're just so lush and green and mysterious to me.

So, when my friend Leigh sent me a link to Bell'Occhio today I took a peek, and what should I discover, but these crazy wooded party pieces! Just look at this Woodsie Cake Stand. Now, people, that is some cake stand - it's like for gnome gatherings or woodland creature get togethers, all festooned with moss and twigs! I really like it! It was originally created for a wedding featured in this Fall's Martha Stewart Weddings, but Bell'Occhio is making them for rest us regular suburbanites now.

Bell'Occhio has also created these little Loglets - wee log place card holders and log boxes were created with a tiny wooden handle for opening and inserting a note or small gift into the log.

And, lastly they've created these Twig Tapers, Bird on a Branch or Squirrel candles to help you illuminate your lush, little forest rendezvous. Maybe it's time I went camping or something - I'm feeling my wood nymph coming on!


j said...

I really love that cake stand

Hungry in LA said...

Thanks for this link, I have never been there and it's just a short walk away. I'll be visiting soon.

Lynne Rutter said...

i love bell'occhio. one of my favorite places in sf.