Monday, January 7

Unexpected Guests: Kelly Lynn Jones.

I first met today's artist in residence at the Rare Device grand opening party, where her beautiful artwork was on exhibit at her solo show, Far From Main Street. Today we visit talented artist Kelly Lynn Jones. Kelly Lynn Jones lives in the wonderfully artistic community of Silver Lake, California, where she makes clothes and paints. She graduated from the California College of Arts and Crafts in 2002 and has exhibited in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Los Angeles, Austin, Detroit, Portland, San Diego, and Bristol, England. You can see much more of her paintings at Kelly Lynn Jones and on her blog. Kelly also started the great online shop and gallery, Little Paper Planes in 2005, so she and her talented artist friends could show and sell their handmade goodies and artwork.

"Memories are triggered by something around us whether it is an old chair, cactus, a particular street, TV show, a song or a smell. The instant in which we recall yesterday or twenty years ago is what I try to obtain. These collected memories and experiences allow reflection on the past and elicit growth," Kelly notes. In Far from Main Street, Kelly says she attempts to recreate the idea of home, the place where we feel safe and create our personal sanctuary. "Our emotional weight helps shape the space we occupy and gives it a new life."

Who is your favorite artist?
That is a hard one, there are many out there whom I love, Frances Stark, Laura Owens, Jockum Nordström, Luc Tuymans, Chris Ballantyne, Matt Green, Kelly McLane, and the list goes on.

What's the best thing about living in Los Angeles?
Blue skies, palm trees, old Craftsman houses, cactus, mountains, lots of galleries and museums, and lots of breakfast places.

What is your favorite outing in L.A.?
Going for pizza at Il Capricio, movies at the Vista, coffee at Intelligentsia, the art openings in Culver City, walks around the Silver Lake Reservoir, and volleyball at the beach in the summer.

Who do you admire?
My mom and any hardworking, passionate person.

What's the last great book you read?
Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee.

What's your favorite film?
Well at this exact moment, the film, Once.

If you could photograph anyone in the world, who might that be?
Off the top of my head, I would say my grandpa....Every afternoon he sits outside in his driveway in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, with his beer and watches the cars drive by. I would love to capture that so I can always remember him that way. He is just an amazing person.

Who would you like to sit down to tea with?
Bob Dylan. (Editor's note: That's not Bob. That's Jamie at Park Life. Just in case you needed to know that. Hi Jamie!)

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Eating apples and sharp cheddar cheese in cozy clothes, watching bad TV.

Favorite color?
Hmmm, a tie between mustard yellow, olive green, and teal.

What do you despise?
What's your favorite word?
Amazing (I don't know if it's my favorite word, but I seem to say it a lot). I also really love words that begin with "P" like Petaluma, plume, pear, and....


Cakespy said...

I think I am in love with this Kelly Lynn Jones. So talented, clever and cute! And, I love Little Paper Planes. Such an inspiration.

lisa solomon said...

aww...kelly is such a good egg....

thanks for posting this victoria!
happy new year!

Anonymous said...

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