Monday, January 7

In The Library: Olle Eksell.

I came across this wonderful book from Japanese publishers Pie Books at the San Francisco depot of Rare Device. I instantly loved it and it was on my gift giving list, as well as on my own must-haves for the library. I adore Japanese design books and this one is no exception. It shares the amazing images of mid-century, Swedish Graphic Designer Olle Eksell.

This book collects approximately 400 of the lovely Mr. Eksell's graphic design works. Olle Eksell, who passed away this year, was one of the most respected, inspiring and distinguished Swedish graphic designers, and author of countless articles and books on the relationship between the corporate economics and the design. You can read a lovely post about him here, on design:related, along with his moving obituary. One of his popular books, Design=Ekonomi is widely used as a textbook in many art and design schools. But it's his whimsical, gorgeously graphic design that is, for me, a collection well worth having. I can't help wondering if he and
Charley Harper knew each other and if their career paths ever crossed.


Cedar said...

What beautiful images!

S.HOPkins said...

Great illustrations.

I'm sure you've also seen the "This is San Francisco,.. Paris, ...New York..." series of children's books by Miroslav Sasek. LOVE those books...similar cheerful illustrative style.

Thanks for sharing. ~suzanne

Åsa said...

Maybe you know this already, but here you can order a poster with the famous "Mazetti Kakao Eyes" - the price is appr 20 USD. Just contact the shop. It's on my wall, making me happy!

Best regard

nice-etc said...

i recently picked this up for myself as well! i saw it before xmas but had to be good and wait :) i'm loving it very much as well!

leighwells said...

oh, oh, oh... I love this book! Was just looking at it again last night. Thanks, hon.

coco+kelley said...

so very cool! i will have to put this on my own 'must have' list!!

Craig said...

wait, I just went to this website.. how do I order from this website?