Tuesday, February 26

A Day In The Life.

Erin over at the lovely blog Design for Mankind is running a great series of posts called the Dailies. She's invited designers, artists, and bloggers like myself to document a day in our life. It was quite a fun little exercise and almost made my day seem eventful. Follow these links to read the Design for Mankind Dailies on Irene from Bloesem, Jena from Modish, and Kelly from Little Paper Planes, just to name a few. Thanks so much Erin - I'm enjoying reading about everyone's interesting days.

Kelly's studio.

Irene's knitting.

Jena's calendar.

Sfgirlbybay home office.


Anonymous said...

i love your pencil/desky things holders! the pig especially!

/// said...

Awww, thank you Victoria! It was MY pleasure!!! :)

Carrie Nicole said...

Oh wow, fantastic! I went over and read your daily and it was great seeing what your typical day is like. Makes me aspire to have one as lovely as yours someday soon!

Kelly Lynn Jones said...

i love that erin is doing the dailies too!! its so neat to see everyone's day to day life!! i love your pencil holders too!!

sfgirlbybay said...

Thanks guys! They're just more of my vintage junk that I have find a way to put good use to! ;)

Unknown said...

Victoria you have my desk, my computer, and I have almost the same artwork -- The only difference is that I sit in a vintage Bertoia white wire chair. Here's a glimpse back before I removed the shelving and painted the walls from May '07


We are SO twinsies!!!

We should start a store BiCoastal Chic - You open yours in San Fran, I open mine in Boston and we bring some of our vision to these cities. God knows Boston needs a breathe of fresh air!!!

sfgirlbybay said...


I like your chair way better than mine! I need a lot of swivel action, though! :)

Very pretty, Holly! We are separated at birth. :)

Anastasia said...

i love reading the Dailies each week!
a peek in your day was a great read too!!!