Tuesday, February 12

Madeline Makes Pretty Pictures.

Madeline Stamler makes some really pretty pictures. Australian artist Madeleine Stamer emailed me to announce her new limited edition print 'Birds Are Both Beautiful & Fascinating', and says her popular black & white print has "visited the beauty parlour and has come out looking gorgeous!" Indeed, it has!

By special request, to satisfy the flamboyant urge in all of us, 'Birds Are Both Beautiful & Fascinating' is now available in pretty pink. Limited edition of 15, signed and numbered giclee prints in both sizes became available this week. Never fear though, should Madeline's shop Little Circus Designs, run out of this cute print, she has plenty more greatness to choose from.


Helen said...

Her work is indeed lovely. As are the rest of the Australian illustrators at the Jacky Winter Group. Have a look at them: http://jackywinter.com/

Michelle said...

those are great!

Esti said...

Thanks for introducing me to her work! It's great stuff!