Tuesday, February 19

Pretty Pouches.

For some reason I'm feeling all girlie girl today (though, I haven't a clue where my manly man might be), so when I spied this image on flickr of some vintage looking Spring fabrics, I clicked around to see where it might lead me.

Ah, treasure! My hunt lead me to Tamar of Nest Pretty Things, an etsy artist who creates the prettiest, retro-inspired bags and pouches. I love a good pouch, for holding art supplies, pencils, my design tool kit...you name it and if it's a cute pouch I'll find something to put in it. These are some of Tamar's Nest Pretty Things available on etsy.


LeS said...

OH! These are lovely - thanks for pointing them out. Just yesterday I favorited some yummy pouches from a fellow SF etsy seller that are fabulous. I am not associated in any way so I hope it is ok to tell you the sellers name here...DrikaB is her name :) I think I MUST have one from each seller now!

Unknown said...

These are great...as a girl who is constantly sketching in my moleskine while out and about I rely heavily on pouches like this to carry my pencils & micron pens...it is nice to find one as pretty as my doodles :)

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

Hello Victoria...these bags are sooo PRETTY!

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'