Friday, March 14

Anatomy of a Housewife.

More cool embroidery pieces this week! I received an email from artist Terra LaChance yesterday and couldn't wait to share her beautiful works of embroidered artwork. Terra's series, "a week in 1953", contains 14 pieces, all available in her etsy shop.

These embroidery and fabric panels are an imaginative journey of a 1950's housewife. Terra has named her Marge and she is in her 40's, has no children and she is always coiffed, manicured and impeccably dressed. Reminds me of Mrs. Winston across the street where I grew up. My mom and her friends always mocking her, whilst secretly envious.

Terra wanted to create a duplicate image that transcends the cuteness of embroidery and a "smokin' hand" was the result. It's in these panels that Terra represents the 1950's lifestyle, habits, wallpaper, color, and everyday objects within this one fictitious week and are all for sale in her etsy shop. Terra will also entertain custom orders if someone sees one that is already sold. I have a feeling she's got some orders coming her way.


Homegrown {& the Bug} said...

I am seriously digging these! Oh, to be a lady in the 50's :).

I'm insanely curious - are the fabrics she uses on the panels vintage or new?

alice said...

Wow, those are awesome!

Anonymous said...

O I love that green chair. I want it in my house!
I am trying my hand at embroidery and its not nearly as cool as this! Thanks for sharing!

Victoria said...

Delightful! Love the green chair!

Unknown said...

i love that little green chair so much! it's just the right shade of olive and its assymetry gives it the right touch of whimsy!

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)