Friday, March 14

Friends and Neighbors: design*sponge.

Grace, that little over achiever, at design*sponge is at it again! Not only is she hosting this awesome DIY contest (the suitcase dog bed has got my vote!), she's also got her Scholarship Fund and Job Board up and running. I want whatever she's having that gives her such great get and up and go! Go vote for the best DIYer and check out her new altruistic endeavors. You go Grace!


Michelle said...

I voted for the dog bed too! I thought was ingenious because (aside from being totally adorable) anyone could make it for very little money, and it can be easily stashed away if need be.

Uncle Beefy said...

We're obviously in good company here as the dog bed was my vote too! Do you think actually seeing the cutie dog is swaying our design choice? Probably not ;)

I think the scholarship is great but the job board is too fantastic! If Grace wasn't so gosh darn nice I'd swear she was a Fembot (I think I dated myself here? If you have to ask what a Fembot is...then, yes...dated.) If you ever find out what she does for all her get-up-and-go, let me know, Victoria! If it's sipping coffee/tea and eating expensive chocolates fine...going to the gym and eating right? Mmmm...maybe later ;)

You go on witchyur bad self, Grace!
(I don't know how you do it either, Victoria?!!)

kelly barton art + design said...

dog bed!
i love your site!

sfgirlbybay said...

Ah, grace always rocks it! she is my mentor! and the dog bed is so brilliant.

thnk you kelly - come back soon!

Carrie Nicole said...

Ha, I voted for the dog bed's fantastic!

Anonymous said...

hello victoria
i voted for the dog bed as well. we have a little dachshund, how could i not? i was researching old suitcases on etsy and guess what i found?

and cute little tchotchkes...

beautiful blessings and wonderful empowerments