Friday, March 21

Friends & Neighbors: Emma's Design Blog.

I always love visiting the Scandinavian world that is Emma's Design Blog. I love the clean, fresh look of Scandinavian design and I'm also a huge fan of organizing collections in unique sets unto their own. None of that willy-nilly knick-knack business for me, oh no. We all need just a bit of precision, people - an organized chaos. That's what good design is all about. Grouping like things, with, well, like things is a good thing, and turns them into collections, rather than just collecting dust. Emma's got a great post on just such this train of thought and I thought I'd share a quick glimpse here and then lure you on over to her beautiful blog.


Orange Pattern said...

Thanks for this post. "None of that willy-nilly knick-knack"... I agree!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post Victoria!