Tuesday, March 11

Girl Interrupted.

I got mildly reprimanded by my good friend Leigh tonight for being a slacker blogger today. I am sorry guys. Sometime life takes on one too many dimensions and then my head explodes and I can't think of one good thing to tell y'all. I promise to be better tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon, I will post an excellent Unexpected Guests. You will be pleased. I promise. Until then, I have been a girl interrupted, and I apologize.


mati rose said...

you are toooo cute! love the hair.
enjoy your days away from the computer!

vantiani said...

ugh, how could you make that pair of converse look so beautiful like this?

you rule, girl interrupted.


Anonymous said...

am I missing something? seems to me like you update nearly every day! that ain't being a slacker by any stretch of the imagination. Tsk tsk, say I, to Leigh.


ps if Leigh thinks you're a slacker, her head would probably explode if she ever met me. ;->

sfgirlbybay said...

mati - thanks - a girl needs to re-juice sometimes.

thanks binal - i like this shot, too. ;)

K - thanks for the defense, but my friend knows I am a little lax today, i like to give y'all more than i have the last few days. thanks though!

MELI. said...

cute pics!
This reminds me of the machine near fisherman's wharf black+white and in the elbo room (what clashing locations)
I am becoming a fan of your blog, Im also here in the city and love the GuyRitchie type photos side/side you do. I am good at guessing the places (or trying2) LOL!
Anyhow, nice blog and have a good one. My favorite is that you show many neighborhoods in/out the city, I like that.

sfgirlbybay said...

thanks meli - guy ritchie does this? i am a big fan of his so i am so flattered! i must look for those! this was done at the photo booth at fisherman's wharf - i cannot resist a photo booth and stepped inside to have some fun! you win!!! you guessed right!

sfgirlbybay said...

p.s last time i checked the photo booth at the elbow room was way broken. is it fixed? i will go back!

leighwells said...

No one mentioned what a slacker I must be for knowing *exactly* how many posts you do on a given day! Being my usual bossy self, again. How embarrassing!

sfgirlbybay said...

Hehe - I think it was the cold medicine! You're no slacker, and I needed a wee kick! :)