Thursday, March 20

Chris Johanson's Kaleidoscope World.

I love Chris Johanson's amazing artwork and I'm inspired that, even in the somewhat demoralizing commercial world of advertising (my working girl's, real job), it has given me the opportunity to approach Chris for a project we are launching for the beautiful new Academy of Arts and Sciences. I rarely get this opportunity (it's usually more about retouching an already too perfect face) and I am reminded of the fortunate bits of inspiration my job offers me up on occasion. There's a new exhibit of Chris' work in San Francisco right now so I'd be so pleased if y'all ran out and saw it. If you aren't in the area, there are pieces of Chris Johanson's work all about and everywhere, so I think you'd find yourself quite happy to discover him out there, as well.

"The show is about how I am 39 years old and how all this time went into making right now. The pictures in the show start at age 24 and go to age 39 at 6pm on March 8th, 2008. It is about human communication dealing with dealing through paint. It is about personal mind control as a coping mechanism to be better at co-existence. About language to communicate in order to know of serenity. It is about cancer, death. Life. Serenity. Life. Order. Chaos. Recycle. Health food. Life. Bright colors not to draw an insect to a flame to be harmed but show possibility. Its about unfinished business and the inability to do everything. All things. Endless choices. Serenity there. Animal, plant, insect. The main reason I had to do this is this is my daily ritual to make pictures is to contemplate life and death, world and place is part of my religion. It is true. I believe. Sooner or later both ways all the time." -- Chris Johanson

Jack Hanley Gallery
Though April 12, 2008
395 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94103


pixie sticks said...

oh wow. These are great. I'm loving "This is a Picture of Space."

mati rose said...

thanks for the reminder to check out this show! love him. i also love that you put chris johansen & alicia bock back to back-- both SO beautiful, yet opposite styles.
speaking of amazing art~
did you see the PBS show on annie lebovitz last night? SO good.

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

You are one lucky gal! I love his work and wish I could see the show in person.

Unknown said...

wow. this post made me so happy. what a wonderful connection.

Anonymous said...

I heard this exhibition was awesome... I'm such a huge Chris Johanson fan.

If anyone is interested, he is in an upcoming film called Beautiful Losers alongside his equally talented wife Jo Jackson.

Check it out at

moha said...

my friend and I actually saw a screening of that film last month and now im hooked on Chris Johanson! I even bought the beautiful losers poster from thier online store. It just opened up recently so if you want to check it out you can: