Monday, March 3

A Surprise At Swallowtail.

I popped into one of my favorite shops ever, Swallowtail, on Sunday and what should I see hanging so sublimely upon their walls? None other than Miss Lisa Congdon's fine work. Lisa had actually told me she had an exhibit at Swallowtail, and I went and forgot all about it. Sorry Lisa, but so happy I came to see it anyway. Such lovely images! I highly recommend you stop by Swallowtail for a peek if you have the chance.

{Please make a note - Room Redux has moved to Thursdays,
due to technical difficulties! That would be me, struggling with Photoshop!!
Please check in on Thursday for more Room Redux!}


Anonymous said...

thank you, victoria!!

Anonymous said...

What a great excuse to drop into Swallowtail... it's been a few weeks, and I could definitely use another fix! Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

Cool, I'll check this out, thanks. Loved seeing you in Sunset : )

Thea said...

lovely work, sure wish i could pop in and see - but i'm far away in colorado and don't anticipate a trip west any time thanks for the "view from my desk"...i love the internet!