Thursday, April 17

Mellow Me Yellow.

It's a bit crazy at work right now, so I apologize for the lack of posts!
I am in dire need of some mellowing yellow right now...
so courtesy of flickr, here's a little burst of inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria,
I know you did a post a while back on Ikea's Beloved Homes book. I saw it at my local ikea today.They had around 30-35 copies. You can pick one up if you have not already done so.

yasmine said...

i think yellow is the most soothing color! love it!

Anonymous said...

HI sfgirl
can you believe it - my employer has restricted access to sites, including yours! I'm sure it's not personal. THey're probably blocking anything that sounds or looks like a. fun and/or b. likely to lift employees' spirits. I am v.sad, and now have to get my dose of happiness and pretty things at home after work each day.


Anonymous said...

Love your Flickr finds! These shades of yellow is perfect!