Wednesday, May 28

A-B-C's of Accessorizing.

Joan O'Connor has an infinite passion for all things alphabetical, and her wonderful San Francisco shop, Timeless Treasures is stocked to the rafters with a plethora of beautiful, old vintage letters, as well as great cards, jewelry, travel souvenirs and wonderful cards and stationery. It's pretty much the perfect stop for unique gift giving and accessorizing.

Joan's collection of letters has also caught the attention of prop stylists and on-line shoppers from all over the world. Prop stylists are using Timeless Treasures' old letters in catalog shoots and store vignettes; when I dropped by the prop stylist for Pottery Barn was gathering letters for a recent photo shoot. And customers are calling from around the globe to enlist Joan's alphabet expertise.

Joan first started collecting letters when she read in the SF Chronicle that the old Regency Movie Theater was about to close. She bought the marquee letters, and displayed them in an old wooden shoemaker's rack of red plastic alphabet letters in front of the shop, and found that people just loved them. From there, back around 2000, Joan started going to salvage yards, flea markets, auctions and sign companies looking for letters that were destined for the dumpster. Even now she loves to track down the owner of any building when she sees old letters still hanging on a storefront, that looks as if it may be closed.

And, now Timeless Treasures seems to be finding new fans among people who want to incorporate repurposed, refound accessories into their homes, as well as people who love to know there's a great story behind something they acquire for their collections. Drop in, or contact Joan via her website and she'll help you find just exactly the words rolling that have been around on the tip of your tongue.

Timeless Treasures
2176 Sutter Street
San Francisco 94115
Hours: Monday - Saturday 11am - 6pm


Inklore said...

What a fun store!!

Anonymous said...

i love that store-i go in every time im in the city.
tara whitney

Raya Carlisle said...

! I have been looking for some "B"s for the baby's room and am so excited about this store. I'm spending a couple weeks in Nor Cal next month so I will definitely make a visit. Thanks Victoria!

Erin Alaska said...

I just adore your blog and the ideas that you share. I lived in CA my whole life and never made it to any of these little shops. Now I live in Juneau and yard sale looking for the ultimate finds that I used to get at flea markets. Thanks for the links to the shops so I can get my virtual tour. Keep up the good work.

Social Network Web Design said...

What a lovely store! Anything vintage is appealing to me.

Anonymous said...

I love Joan..I Love that store!
great shots!

Anonymous said...

Very clever niche marketing! Looks like a cute store filled with treasures.

studio wellspring said...

what a wonderful looking shop ~ i can't wait to go find it & explore it for myself. thanks for sharing such fabulous photos & info about it!

janice said...

they also have a lot of great, SUBTLY-scented candles and soaps!

tangobaby said...

I just learned about Joan's shop through a mutual friend (Tara from Paris Parfait) and now seeing your photos, I will have to go there very soon.

Your photos are wonderful!

Lisa & Alfie said...

I love Joan's store. And she is such a warm, supportive woman too!
Lisa & Alfie

Anonymous said...

Joan's store looks like an amazing place to poke about. She must be a very special lady, given all the talent and expression that she exhibits. Thanks for sharing and now lets all decend on her!!!
klh, chnc

paris parfait said...

I had the great pleasure of seeing Joan's shop and having lunch with her during a recent quick trip to San Francisco. I wanted to take half the shop home with me, but with the new luggage restrictions - well, best to ship! I will be back in July and you can bet I'll make a beeline to this great store.