Monday, June 16

Affordable Art - Groupings.


Greetings from the North Pacific! I'm thrilled to be doing a post over here at sfgirlbybay, one of my favorite haunts. What I love about Victoria is her amazing talent to "put things together" and make them all work. Her Sunday in the City series (all the pictures grouped so well), the way she decorates her groovy apartment, I'm sure you all agree, she has a great eye for that and the reason you keep coming back for more. Well with that in mind, I thought I'd try to throw together (which I've found is very difficult to do) some affordable art pieces with the idea of buying buying them together as a group, so you could hang them on a wall and they would all work with each other. I'm a huge affordable art fan and with so many amazing artists to choose from online, I could spend the rest of my life very happily picking and choosing pieces for my home. So here's some "groupings" I've put together of new work I've spotted online.

(above clockwise): In this place, handmade watercolor, Heather Smith Jones, Floating Lessons, (magenta & chocolate), Icebear, 5 a.m. Series 1, Pretty Little Thieves, Butter Buds, Sarah Ahearn.

(left to right): I'll Follow the Sun, Cathy Nichols, Three to One, Leah Giberson.

(left to right): Teenage Tricks, Icebear, Poppy Pods, Sarah Ahearn, Joy, Shira Sela.

(clockwise from top left): Floating Lessons, (blue), Icebear, Bronte Beach, Moofus
(an eleven year-old from Sydney, Australia), As We Do, Leah Giberson.


Tracey said...

Love the "Teenage Tricks" collage- very pretty colors. I am also a fan of affordable art- the more, the merrier!

swanklighting said...

Oh these are so fresh and lovely!

Unknown said...

Thankyou so much for putting up my son Moofus' Bronte Beach drawing... he's really chuffed!

dee said...

These are fantastic. You'd never know these pieces aren't meant to be together. And now I would like one of each, please!

Anonymous said...

What a great collection. Thanks for the inspiration.

sarah ahearn bellemare said...

wow! these look so wonderful! great groupings- and thanks so much for including my work! so sweet! they all play off of each other and make the colors pop!

aimee said...

heather's work is gorgeous. great to see it featured here!

Anonymous said...

I *love love love* Moofus's Bronte Beach drawing! Not to mention the commentary that goes along with his art. Might have to buy it even with no idea where to hang just to support him!