Wednesday, June 11

Friends & Neighbors: Lisa Coris on ATSF.

I have long admired and adored my friend Lisa Coris' apartment, so I was thrilled to see her featured on Apartment Therapy San Francisco yesterday! Her fabulously mid-century modern apartment is the subject of one of ATSF's House Tours, and they did an amazing job of sharing Lisa's beautiful collections and stylish San Francisco pad. For more great photos head on over here.


Anonymous said...

Merci pour la heads up! There's way too much to sift through on AT everyday so I'm grateful when someone highlights the stuff I'd be sorry to miss! Thanks Victoria!

Anonymous said...

That funky radio can be found for a steal at many stores, picked mine up 20 GBP in a grocery store in the UK. has them as well for 25-60 GBP. Some stores were trying to get $200 for them... yuck.

Love love love the blog,


The Houseplant Chronicles said...

I LOVE Lisa's apartment! I copied a bunch of these pics onto my laptop to use for inspiration. Amazing taste! : ) By the way... I added to you to my blogroll. Love your blog! : )


rebekah said...

We have the same chair in the top picture, left side. It's one of our favorites!