Wednesday, June 11

Instant Inspiration.

Funky wallpaper from ATLITW; a great pink chair from MissKittyKat.

I'm sorry there's no Unexpected Guests post today, but I'm in the process of gathering a bunch of new guests that I think you'll love! So today's inspiring rooms, nooks and crannies come courtesy of a few of the flickr groups I frequently peruse, such as Corners of My Home, Eclectic Interiors, and Jeu de Paume Inspired. Whenever I feeling a little lack luster in the design department, I take a gander through these great flickr pool's and find instant inspiration!

Pretty striped bedroom from Adore Vintage;
and fun decorative hallway from dayataglance.

Funky vintage radio from Angeliki Fanarioti.

Amazing handmade pouf from atoyle afra;
and brilliantly repurposed iron steps made in shelves from texturejunky.

Globe collection from amyla174; and hand-sewn pretty pillows from citipix.

Great vignette from decor8; and beautiful Pierre Paulin chair from ATLITW.

Eiffel Tower collection from Paris-based thrifting girl.

Pretty mirrors from ninainvorm; and Mlle Rosalie.

Pretty patchwork from homebug; and refurbished found stool from very lame.


Liv said...

I actually sighed aloud when I saw the Eiffel Tower statues. I love love love those.

Thanks for sharing. I may just have to take those images and make them my desktop at work.

malo said...

I really love those shelves and the patchwork is amazing

Michelle said...

i love homebug's yellow bedroom lamp!

Jaimee McClellan said...

Great Picks!
I have a similar dresser from my Grandmother. I've loved it for years and was thrilled when she said I could have it!

Anonymous said...

Thank's for the photo!
Mlle Rosalie (Lucie)

afra said...

thank you very much..i'm very pleased..

Sandrine for Neëst said...

Very beautiful !!!