Thursday, July 10

Feel at Home at Rare Device!

If you're in San Francisco, don't miss this fun opening at Rare Device tonight, Thursday, July 10. Caitlin Keegan and Julia Rothman, two amazing artists from Brooklyn are in town for the opening of their joint show at Rare Device called HOME.

Somewhere, somehow (personally, I think cocktails could have been involved), somebody decided it would be a good idea that if you were to wear a jumpsuit to the party, you get 20% off all merchandise in the store that evening (excluding artwork)! So get your jumpsuit on and get down tonight! It's going to be a super fun party. See you there (albeit, sans jumpsuit!).

Rare Device
Thursday, July 10
7-10 pm
1845 Market Street
San Francisco 94103


MELI. said...

thanks for the event info!
I think ill be able to make it <3
(mmmhh jumpsuit, well Im not sure)

Unknown said...

a jumpsuit? oh my... what a blast from the past. around here if you were a jumpsuit you are either a farmer or escaped from prison. are they cool amongst the hipsters in san fran victoria?

Unknown said...

Wear not were. My afternoon coffee is calling...

sfgirlbybay said...

holly - i think they mean like 80's disco jumpsuits! ;)

wackyjackie said...

i adore you blog, and although I am out of town right now it makes me miss San Francisco dearly! Thanks for the exciting event info, i hope to be able to attend in the future.

Mona said...

I love the advert for the show...too cute and blu one of my favorite colors, I wish I could have gone.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just came across your blog, very inspiring!

have a great summer,

Caitlin Keegan said...

Thanks Victoria, it was great to meet you at the show!