Monday, August 11

Art by Ayloisiuss.

I love these pop art silk screened images from etsy shop Ayloisiuss. Sydney-based Ayloisiuss' prints are hand screen-printed with professional water based screen inks, each one in an edition varying slightly different due to the eccentricities of ink, and according to the artist's bio, depending on how much Ayloisiuss' arms are starting to ache and what injuries are accumulated. Ayloisiuss seems as playful and fun as these groovy prints. You can shop for them in the etsy shop, as well as this Australian based site, Kate Banazi, and read more humorous musings, on the blog, Yeah, Yeah Whatever.


Sending An Angel said...

Love the mixed umbrella sun men! Really terrific art!

Anonymous said...

Also worth checking out is her son's esty store
He is 11 years old - amazing!

Unknown said...

Thankyou, you're most kind for mentioning me.
As for my son.
He aint all that.

sfgirlbybay said...

Oh you are quite welcome Kate! But, I have heard of your son's work through Poppytalk, and I love it!

Prêt à Voyager said...

psst..kate is going to be one of the featured designers in my d*s regional roundup: sydney next week (still on melbourne this week). it will be linked with the others :)



Capree said...

I love Kate! Her work is fantastic! I'm the proud owner of several of her prints and am in the process of getting them all framed. Soon I'll have my very own Kate Banazi gallery!