Friday, September 12

Flickr Curator: Abbey Hendrickson.

Today's wonderful collection of flickr favorites is curated by one of my very favorite flickr photographers HowNowDesign, aka fellow blogger and artist, Abbey Hendrickson of Aesthetic Outburst. Here's a look at Abbey's beautiful collection of personal flickr favorites. To view more of Abbey's photography, visit her flickrstream, or drop in on Aesthetic Outburst for some wonderful inspiration. Abbey was also featured some months back on Unexpected Guests, so you can take a peek into her beautiful home there, too!

Abbey explains about her collection, "I chose these images because they inspire me to draw. I'm finishing my MFA in drawing/printmaking this year and I know I can turn to these images when I need help working something out in the studio. They're wonderful little ideas floating out there for everyone to see!"

Photo credits (to see any of these images larger, click on each link): 1. idiomatic 2. apricotX 3. wardomatic 4. sighn 5. decor8 6. sweetjessie 7. _Craig Atkinson_ 8. _Craig Atkinson_ 9. _christine 10. heartlandart 11. smontrah 12. pyrator 13. Fig.5 14. si_greenpuff 15. Katie Runnels 16. lush bella 17. yummygoods 18. voodooangel 19. Camilla Engman 20. Bright Tal 21. 蛙式大人 22. Bird in the Hand 23. fragmented 24. birds & trees 25. betsy. 26. dutch hendrikje 27. dailypoetics 28. peacay 29. jamiekarosesdesign 30. remember moments 31. David Fullarton 32. Camilla Engman 33. shoobydoo 34. betsy. 35. (restless::things) 36. fricktoria


sarahelizabeth said...

really interesting!!

genuinelygreen said...

lovely! The colors are at once cheerful and calming

Tina said...

i love these little flickr mosaics from others. this one is very inspiring.

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

I'm loving this feature. Have a great weekend!