Friday, September 12

Oh, and happy, happy Friday.

Have a great weekend everyone...and remember!
You are the prince & princesses of your castles!
Treat yourselves like royalty!

*Photo of beautiful Morran courtesy of Camilla Engman.


Unknown said...

Happy weekend for you!!!

Anonymous said...

morran is a rockstar!

Uncle Beefy said...

What a happy pic to start the weekend! I have such a little crush on Morran. My heart aches when I see that cutie. If there's such a thing as an international restraining order, Camilla would probably think about getting one against me! I go nuts every time she posts.

OMG...I sound like someone who needs to get outside the house and find an excellent therapist! Hi, crackpot!

Happy weekend, V.! :)

Anonymous said...

He looks very regal there ! :)

Cassaundra said...

oh my gosh, I love Morran!
She's so cute!

Have a lovely weekend, miss :-)

Di Overton said...

Your are invited to spend a weekend, with me, traveling around my home in the beautiful Tyne Valley, Northumberland. Enjoy!

Just be...... said...

wonderful post!! love all the skirts!~