Friday, September 5

Flickr Curator: Photographer Alicia Bock.

This week in Flickr Curator, I continue on with a new collection of flickr favorites, as curated by one of my favorite flickr photographers, the very talented Alicia Bock. Here's a look at Alicia's beautiful collection of personal flickr favorites. To view more of Alicia Bock's own wonderful photography, visit her flickrstream, website, or purchase her work in her etsy shop.

I asked Alicia why these selections of favorites, at this given point in her life:

Why these, why now?
I find them all so poetic...the lightness, the color, the playfulness.
I am mourning the loss of summer. They will help me get through until Spring.

Photo credits (to see any of the images larger, click on each link): 1. appleapplegreen 2. lafides pipoboy13 4. phamalamb 5. lawatt 6. peel apart 7. sanoi 8. littlesilverboxes 9. kirstykat 10. lenaah 11. memo89 12. AmsterS@m-The Wicked Reflectah 13. highwaygirl67 14. jrbrubaker 15. jasfitz 16. attic photograph 17. i.anton 18. roadsidepictures 19. 20. sadie olive 21. Au fil de... 22. kat heyes 23. Jördis! 24. +akane+ 25. james m 26. dotsara 27. i.anton 28. mia-mia october rain 30. mirjan. 31. unruly things 32. unravelling [susannah] 33. Brynn. 34. yyellowbird 35. farlane 36. Catherine Jamieson.


AshleyL. said...

she is definitely one of my favorites as well! she is just oh so talented! :)

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! The romantic nostalgia and happiness are so lovely.

Happy weekend Victoria!

sfgirlbybay said...

so very talented - i love this collection.

happy weekend to you, grace!

Mrs.French said...

this collection makes my heart skip a perfect.

sfgirlbybay said...

skipping beats is what this post is all about. so much talent on flickr, it blows me away every day. :)

genuinelygreen said...

beautiful shots. truly beautiful. I love this feature!