Tuesday, September 23

Unexpected Guests: Rachel Denbow.

I'm sorry that it's been a long while since I've done an Unexpected Guests post, but I've got a few new and exciting ones coming up, and I'm starting off with a great one - with the wonderful blogger Rachel Denbow of Bling On My Sewing Machine. Rachel is a mixed media artist, a wife, a mother to a young son, and a teacher, living in mid-century modern splendor in Springfield, Missouri. She also co-runs with a group of good friends the art blog Red Velvet Art, which features wonderful artist interviews and lots of hand crafted goodness. And in additional to all of that, Rachel also runs a killer vintage shop on etsy, called Pony Party. Let's take a look Rachel's fun family Springfield home...

What is your idea of a perfect day in Springfield?
Out of bed early for something warm at The Coffee Ethic with my husband and son. Then I'd hit Charley's flea market and peruse their vintage furniture and linens before lunch at Nonna's and a few hours of sewing during my son's nap time. We have a fabulous park that covers a city block and has stately shade trees and plenty of people to watch as we play. The day wouldn't be perfect without making big plans at Elsie's loft and laughing hysterically with Katy over more coffee. Then there would be a late dinner with my good-looking husband followed by a sleeping son and an interesting foreign film on the computer. Let's pencil that in for next week.

What don't you leave home without?
Chapstick, diapers and wipes, and a good pen. Sometimes I DO leave home without my wallet.

What's your favorite local shop?
The Council For The Blind thrift store always has something exciting waiting for me but I'm never let down by Good Girl Art when I need some visual stimulation.

What is your greatest indulgence?
My Modernica Rocker from Phorm.

What's on your wish list?
A yellow bike.

What's your favorite bargain find or product?
Recently it has been the metal locker we found on craigslist. It was a headache to refinish but I'm so happy with the outcome. We've been fortunate enough to find the gems on craigslist and in local flea markets. I'm not sure there is much competition for mid-century and quirky pieces in Springfield.

What is your biggest interior design nightmare?
Vertical blinds and very small windows.

Who are your favorite artists? And why?
I've recently enjoyed the work of Ellen Raskin. She uses the best colors in her illustrations and I love vintage children's books. Also, Mary Emma Hawthorne's work really resonates with me. I appreciate someone who uses simple materials that have been found in the recycling bin to make pretty things.

Where do you find inspiration?
It feels like Flickr is an unlimited source of visual inspiration. I've also got a list of design and personal blogs I read daily and weekly because they never fail to get my heart all aflutter. Traveling to a new city always gives me fresh ideas.

Who do you admire and why?
I am lucky enough to have two great friends nearby who remind me to make my dreams come true. Katy and her husband are on their way home from picking up their adopted son after two years of hard work and waiting. Elsie has just moved into a great big space and, without giving away too much, is venturing out into new territory with her work and business.

What's the last great book you read?
'How Does A Dinosaur Say Goodnight?' by Jane Yolen.

What's your favorite film?
My top three most loved films are 'The Namesake' for its love, 'Roman Holiday' for it's spunk, and 'Chocolat' for it's magic.

If you could photograph anyone in the world, who might that be?
The old women of China. Oh, the stories they could share...

Who would you like to sit down to drinks with?
After I got over my shyness, I'd love to visit with Karin Bergquist of Over The Rhine.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Nutella and peanut butter sandwiches.

What is your most treasured belonging?
If there were a fire, I'd grab my son. If there were time, I'd grab my computer. This is assuming my husband doesn't already have it.

What souvenir did you bring back from your last trip?
A teal, vintage school chair from a flea market in Southern California. It rode in my lap most of the way to Missouri but I was determined to get it home.

What is your idea of living hell?
Having no money and no friends.

What are some of your favorites websites/blogs to visit?
Design*Sponge, Apartment Therapy, Dooce, Hula Seventy, OhJoy!, Poppytalk, sfgirlbybay(!), and all of my crafty friends' blogs.

Thank you so much for allowing us to drop in on your very lovely home, Rachel! For more about Rachel's inspiring creativity, be sure and visit her blogs, Bling On My Sewing Machine and Red Velvet Art, as well as her fab vintage etsy shop, Pony Party.


Unknown said...

I love this one, I think is my favorite.

rebecca said...

Cute cute cute!

Anonymous said...

I love her house! Absolutely gorgeous and yet not "hands-off" like so many designer houses! The pillows and pink chairs are the best.

MELI. said...

super uber cute. Ilove those 3' numbers, im in love. Great interview

sarahelizabeth said...

Glad to have found your blog, and love this interview--especially the pictures of her lovely house.

genuinelygreen said...

Lovely finds! I also love Ellen Raskin's work. Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I loved this Unexpected Guests tour!!! I really enjoyed all of the vintage and thoughtful details throughout the home...it is the little things that make a home really great. Plus, how can you not love a home that has stacks and stacks of books as side tables!? Marvelous!

i'm Carrie, lovely to meet you... said...

Love this! I recently learned about Red Velvet Art and the amazing gals that make up the group and just started following Elsie and Rachel's blogs and they really are inspiring ladies and uber-creative!

I enjoy these posts SO much, it's really fantastic to get a sneak peek into their homes and get to see all of their wonderful treasures.

modest-goddess said...

I just recently discovered the Bling on My Sewing Machine and was happy to find someone in Missouri interested in thrifting and retro mid-c style. Her home is lovely and charming.

FancyPants-design said...

Such a great interview. I love her house. lovely.

Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

I love her space--amazing! Thanks for sharing this fun interview.

Anonymous said...

Nice interview interlacing the Q & A with the pictures. These are the kinds of reads I like; maybe because I am too lazy to work through large paragraphs.

Anonymous said...

Super cute! I love the pink & green...

RachelDenbow said...

Many thanks for the feature and links to RVA and Pony Party! Its been so fun to read everyone's impressions of our home.
We're big fans of this blog and are so appreciative of the chance to share our home here.
~ Rachel

sfgirlbybay said...

i'm so glad everyone enjoyed this as much as i did putting it together!

and rachel - thank you for allowing me to share your beautiful family and fantastic home - it was all my pleasure!

LINDSAY said...

Very nice! Do you know where the blue and white patterned rug is from? I love it :)

Charin Adams said...

Yay!! I love Rachel and this was such a fun interview...her house looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I recognize a lot of her prints are from ashleyg, but can anyone tell me where the typewriter print is from? And where I can get a number as cool as that number 3 she's got?

Unknown said...

oh my gosh this is great! i need to go back and savour each and every photo - really take in some of the details of the pictures....thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

couldn't believe such a lovely home is in my hometown. i agree that charley's place and coffee ethic are wonderful.

RachelDenbow said...

The blue and white rug is from Urban Outfitters. The typewriter print is from Michele Maule. The Yellow Bird print is from Sparkle Power and the geometric print in the green frame is from The Peach Pit. The little girl print with the yellow sunshine is from Pretty Little Thieves.

The #3 was from the Alameda Flea Market in California and is an old gas station sign.

Thanks, everyone!

jarispry said...

loveLOVElove how rachel can put sooo much color into her home without painting the walls! great job! this is FANTASTIC... my mouth is watering! thanks for sharing!


curious girl (lisa) said...

wow! this girl's a little bundle of beautiful creativity! thank you for sharing with us. I am so stealing the vintage metal tray on the wall idea!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

ooh that pink locker makes me feel a little weak in the knees.......

kate oates said...

Thank you for yet another "Unexpected Guest." They are so inspiring!

Anonymous said...

so happy to see the most talented girl i know featured here. she is a gem!

lovely blog.

ellen said...

LOVE this -- thanks so much for sharing, so glad I found out about "bling"! Always pleased to find great blogs from fellow Missourians :o)

Rebecca Corvese said...

What a quirky and really fun home! Great style and gorgeous family!

jon said...

ooh- i love the metal try on the wall too! great idea

Anonymous said...

I am REALLY loving these pictures! especially the pink. I love pink. Im really glad you posted about bling that is really great.


Unknown said...

SOOOOO great!