Friday, November 21

Kindred Spirits.

Image: Ez Pudewa.

Kindred is Holly Becker of decor8 and Heather "Ez" Pudewa of Creature Comforts, two amazing bloggers, and friends who live thousands of miles apart and have never met in person. Through reading one another’s blogs they realized that they share many of the same dreams and passions, and so these kindred spirits to decided to team up and work on small projects together. Kindred was born.

Their first and current project under Kindred is called, Wallpapered Together. Through this project they hope to bring a seasonally curated selection of complementary art and photography to your desktop on a quarterly basis and share their support of the independent online community, by sharing the work of 5-8 accomplished and budding talents per quarter. The artists participating in this season’s lineup of wallpapers have been asked to create around the theme, Winter: Dreams. To take a look at more of this quarters wonderful wallpapers, and download them, follow this link. Lovely work, ladies!


Ez said...

Oh how delightful! Thank you so much for linking to our little project Victoria! Holly and I so appreciate your support!
Have a gorgeous weekend!

victoria thorne design said...

ah, I was going to say..."so delightful!" and sign it "victoria"...

but suddenly this seems like an echo?

well, anyway: this is all delightful & very very wonderful, thank you!

Shall I add that these are great goodies for an Ez Holly-day? :)

victoria, too