Friday, November 21

Listen to This: I'd Eat That.

I wanted to share with you a wonderful new epicurean radio program, I'd Eat That, featuring my friend and fabulous cook, food writer, blogger of The Dinner Files, and all round witty girl, Molly Watson, and her co-host, Emily Wilson, a journalist who's produced radio programs all over the Bay Area. The pilot presentation of I'd Eat That will air this Sunday, November 23 on KALW (91.7 and streaming live on at 2:30 pm. And if you're out and about on Sunday and should miss it, it will air again Wednesday (Nov 26) at 7 pm - which is a perfectly convenient time to listen, while you're cooking up your Thanksgiving fixin's! Knowing Molly, and her sense of humor, it proves to be most entertaining!

This first I'd Eat That radio show with Molly and Emily, explores the ethics of eating meat. Their guests will include Chef Paul Canales of Oliveto in Oakland, Bonnie Powell of and Clark Summit Farms Meat CSA. I hope you'll tune in!

*Photo of vintage radio courtesy of monogatari, and vintage meat sign courtesy of Paula Wirth.

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m e l i g r o s a said...

that is my favorite north beach sign!! well, maybe also tony-nicks and gino+carlo, oh and capps.
lovely! lovely!!!