Monday, December 15

Sunday in the City.

It's been pouring rain here all Sunday, so since my landlord doesn't turn our heat on until 6pm, I've been huddled under a warm blanket, with a beanie and gloves on working away! I'm sounding very Dickens, aren't I? But, I'm actually quite content. Here's a look at the holidays around the city as I've seen them this weekend.

Away in a Manger.

Time For A Party.

Holiday Bargain Bubbly.

Wash 'n Wear.

Plain & Fancy.

Time to Share.

Lighten Up.

Taste is So Subjective.

Gnome Alaska.


Tina said...

great photos, love all the lights!

The Lil Bee said...

That "I've Loved You" board is just precious :)

stacy said...

The "lighten up" photo makes me miss christmas in the city.

Alisha said...

this is nice one. see-
Hitels In San Francisco

Cabrizette said...

J'adore ! nice, nice, nice ... ! Surtout le wash and wear.

Michelle Cowden said...

I've seen your posters on other blogs and now I know where to get one! Have you considered printing one in magenta? Something like Pantone 215C? Take care and happy holidays!

robyn said...

Really nice photos ; )

Mrs.French said...

I love the way you see the holidays...we should all be so lucky....xo t

Sweet Nothings said...

I love your posts about the city, they always make me feel so inspired to go out an resdiscover it! And what better time than the holidays?

Sweet Nothings said...
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